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Nurture Them Naturally Superfood Complete Meals (1kg)

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We believe as a company that mother nature is the best chef, working with nutritionists we make our food based on what canine and felines are supposed to eat.
All our working dog foods are suitable for any active dog from fields to training and will provide proper protein that is fully digestible for energy and strength as it provides the correct essential proteins and fatty acids. We are extremely proud to be able to say we can relate on every level from customer, shop owner and manufacturer. Every single member of our fantastic team works so unbelievable hard to provide a great product and great service. All ingredients have been selected from wild/sustainable and ethical sources and contains raw minced bone.

A complete meal comprising of 70% boneless meat, 12% bone content, 10% offal and 8% (Fresh green curly Kale, Fresh green runner Beans, Parsnips, Fairtrade extra virgin Coconut oil, Fairtrade Turmeric, Raw sea Kelp, Fresh Parsley, Wild Nettles, Green lipped muscle)

Plastic tubs leak proof tubs and clearly labelled packaging

A chunky mince, good quality cuts in their boneless meat